AMORIFE International is an Society (SCIC : Société Coopérative d’Intérêt Collectif), a SARL with variable capital managed by 14 Associate. Headquarters is located in DOLE (just front the railway station of Dole and 10 km from the airport). By car : Highway A36 and A39. By direct train line = TER Dijon / Belfort, 2 hours from Paris by TGV, 1:30 from Lausanne by TGV Lyria. By plane Airport = Inter-Regional DOLE JURA Airport. By cycling = Dole, city stage between Nevers and Basel on EuroVelo 6 Véloroute Atlantic Ocean (Nantes / Saint-Nazaire) to the Black Sea (Bucharest / Tulcea / Constanta). We’ve two branches : Nenon (39700) and Pontarlier (25300).

SCIC AMORIFE International’s mission is wellness persons. Its purpose is partnership with certified professionals and graduates who offer their skills at local, district, regional, national and international levels in the following areas : Family Mediation, International Family Mediation, the Mediation (criminal, judicial, health, rural, business, school, teens, children, …), Training (conflict management, parenting support, better living together, empowerment, mediation, …), the Counselling, Analysis Professional Practice, Supervision, Word Groups, Coaching.

SCIC AMORIFE International is a specialist in alternative methods of conflict resolution: tolerance, listening to self and other, nonviolent communication, respect for the individual and its environment are the heart of his philosophy . We are working together to improve the knowledge and dialogue, taking into account the interests and needs of each.

AMORIFE is the acronym for :

Analyses Médiations Organisations Recherches Innovations Formations Echanges (local, national and international cases)